Archangel of Prayer


Archangel of Prayer

Excerpt from Angel Blessings

Oh, then, soul most beautiful among all the
creatures, so anxious to know the dwelling place
of your Beloved that you may go in quest of Him and
be united with Him, now we are telling you that
you yourself are his dwelling...
His secret chamber and hiding place.

Saint John of the Cross

Zadkiel guards the powers of invocation. The best known and most powerful form of invocation is prayer. True prayer is the deep call from your heart, focused with awareness of the mind, and intensified by the power of desire. It is not to be uttered quickly as when in depseration. Instead, learn the art of prayer through simple conversation with God.

Gradually, by attempting to include God in every aspect of life, you replace old thought patterns of judgment, criticism and despair with the Ascension Attitudes of Love, Surrender and Gratitude. When you wish to pray for help, be clear, definite and positive in your desire. Enter into deep meditation, calling for the presence of God and your Eternal Self. When you feel anchored in truth and love, envision the highest good and the perfect will of God. Being united with God or your enternal Self, combined with burning desire, instantly attracts whatever quality is needed...

The second part of prayer is to open your heart and mind in thanksgiving to receive the presence of the Eternal. If you do not see results, do not think your prayer has gone unanswered. Many times you simply do not recognize the answer or your doubts prevent you from witnessing the response. Ask to understand any beliefs that block your awareness, and to feel worthy so that you may receive your magnificence. In the meantime, pray without ceasing and have faith in the power of prayer.

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